Less is more? Not in this floating cottage's stunning open-plan living area

Smaller living enthusiasts, brace yourselves: we're going to be taking you a little out of your comfort zones.
Not that this is a bad thing! If you're going to splash out on a houseboat, you ought to do it in style.
Toronto Float Home's Extreme-Lee cottage stays true to its name by upping the ante on marina living. Recently sold to a lucky owner, this custom-built, two-storey dwelling boasts being one of the largest of its kind in Ontario.
Intrigued? Join us on a journey to the Scarborough Bluffs, where we'll be able to explore this Extreme-lee compelling (hey, if they can pun, why can't we?) floating home.
On show, we have a blue jewel embellished by exquisite details and a wholesome wooden finish.
It even comes with a delicately crafted white fence that welcomes all visitors into a private garden.
Here's the view from the other side, so you can truly immerse yourself in its serenity.
Spiral stairs lead us to a charming deck area.
As you can see, the deck is fit for a summery outdoor celebration. Who would have thought to include a fake lawn on top of a houseboat?
Guests can relish a mix of vintage and artistic vibes as they marvel at the Canadian harbor views.
Let the sirens guide you on your restful days! No waterfront dwelling would ever be complete without a special decorative celebration of the open oceans.
But that's enough of the outside - just look at that breathtaking interior! You'll be Extreme-lee amazed (last one, promise!) by the intricate details that went into composing this home.
The living area enjoys a soothing, yet cheerful, concoction of classic fittings.
Too bright? Just right? Vibrant pinks and purples won't be to everyone's tastes, but nobody can fault them for memorability.
Needless to say, the stylish open-plan downstairs area appeals to maximalist conventions. Make sure to take in all the ornate details in this reinvigorating room before we move along to the upper levels.
Sanguine hues emit a sense of royalty in this artfully defined sleeping space.
Creamy tones and amorous motifs envelop the coziest of this houseboat's bedrooms.
The jovial blend of modern and refined touches prevails in the bathroom, where elegance thrives in each and every direction.
Forget "less is more": this floating home shows us that going all out can make a positive impression. With so many details for us to cherish, it's hard not to be enchanted by this cheerfully artistic wooden cottage - even if minimalism is your one true happy place.

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